Serum Biomarker Discovery for Early Diagnosis of Cancer Using Integrative Multivariate Modelling and Correlative Network Analysis

Survival of cancer patients is dependent on the stage of disease at diagnosis. Although a UK screening programme for colorectal cancer based on FIT testing is in place, only around half of cancers are detected and compliance is often low (~50%).  Blood-based markers would provide a valuable and complementary approach to early detection that could be applied in primary care.  The early diagnosis consortium (EDC) is a joint collaboration between Cancer Research UK, Cancer Research Technology and Abcodia. The EDC is screening longitudinal pre- diagnosis serum of women who developed colorectal cancers while participating in the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) for novel protein, miRNA, lipidomic and autoantibody biomarkers.   The first phase of this study is now complete, with longitudinal profiles of 3 pre-diagnostic serum samples from 67 colorectal cases and matched controls available for all platforms.
Our overall aims in this project are:
A) to identify using computational approaches the most robust, biologically-relevant and accurate biomarker panels that can be obtained from the UKCTOCS EDC Phase I data for the early detection of colorectal cancer

B) to define multivariate models and a computational pipeline that can be applied to future biomarker studies using these platforms and a comparable study design