Facilitating multidisciplinary cancer research projects


The CRUK Imperial Centre supports the development of cancer researchers at Imperial through three different funding routes. We offer seed funding to new multidisciplinary cancer research projects, and fund multidisciplinary PhD studentships and clinical research training fellowships.

Joint Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research PhD studentships

The ICR and Imperial College London are pleased to announce that funding will be available for non-clinical Convergence Science PhD studentships. This PhD programme aims to provide training for the next generation of non-clinical multidisciplinary convergence scientists. Studentships will be for four years commencing in October 2019.

Four cross-institutional PhD projects are listed below. All are jointly supervised by the ICR and Imperial College London supervisors. You can find details of each project and how to apply by linking through each project title below.

PhD 1

Development of MRI brain tumour fingerprinting for clinical assessment of brain tumour biology

PhD 2

Understanding systems and molecular mechanisms underlying cancer immunotherapy for the development of precision immunotherapy with informed strategies

PhD 3

Microfluidic Based Reactions with [18F]Fluoroform: A Toolbox for Next Generation 18F-Radiolabelled Medicinal Chemistry Compounds

PhD 4

Biomechanical activation of pro-metastatic programs in circulating tumour cells by vasculature constriction forces


Link here for details on How to Apply.

Deadline 03 Dec 2018
Outcome 30 Jan 2019

Development Fund

The CRUK Imperial Centre Development Fund provides seed funding to multidisciplinary cancer research projects, with the intention that successful investigators secure follow-on funding from external sources. This is an annual call supporting three to five projects with grants of between £20k and £30k.

Please Note

The Development Fund has closed for 2018. Please check back in early 2019 for details of the next funding call. 

Deadline 10 Aug 2018
Outcome 30 Sep 2018

Clinical Research Fellowship

Please Note

This funding call has closed for 2018. Please check back in early 2019 for details of the next funding call. 

Deadline 15 Sep 2017
Outcome 30 Nov 2017

Research facilitation

The CRUK Imperial Centre facilitates cancer research across the entire length of the research lifecycle, from guidance around study design, to specialised technology and resources access, and clinical trials support.

Pre-clinical research

There are a number of pre-clinical models used within cancer research. Do you have a novel technology that needs proof of principle testing?

If you would like to discuss access to models or support for experimental design, please contact Dr Mark Gurden 

Pre-clinical research

here are a number of resources to support research at the clinical interface including:

  • Imperial Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC)
  • Imperial Tissue Bank
  • Imperial Cancer Biomarker Resource Centre (ICBRC) Statistical Support Access
  • ICBRC Laboratory Support Access

Please contact Naina Patel for more information.

Clinical trials

The Cancer Clinical Trials Section (CCTS) enables trials that include new and exciting imaging modalities, translational research initiatives and innovative study designs as they evolve.

Please contact Mr Philip Badman for more information