wilson-garrick-jenjpg Garrick Wilson Training and Career Development Manager, CRUK Imperial Centre


Garrick Wilson manages convergence research training at Imperial College, which is the merger of clinical, life, engineering and physical sciences. A key ambition of the CRUK Imperial Centre is to drive convergence research by bringing together multidisciplinary teams to develop novel technologies and methodologies to address the biggest problems in cancer. The sustainability of this ambition extends beyond our research output and is crucially dependent on training the next generation of convergence scientists who will break down language barriers across different disciplines leading to innovations that will ultimately translate to the clinic to benefit patients.

I am responsible for the design and delivery of a high-quality training programme for PhD students, clinical fellows, postdoctoral researchers and junior group leaders to build a cohort of highly trained convergence researchers. I also work closely with other cancer-related training programmes across Imperial College and the Institute of Cancer Research to identify opportunities to synergise training programmes and equip convergence scientists with the skills they need to succeed.



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